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Ask Dr. Parker: ACO end of life challenges

“As patients near the end of life, an ACO will want to make sure that they receive the appropriate treatments to be comfortable, maintain a good quality of life and ...

Medicare ACO Performance - 2017 with 2015 Data

Medicare ACO Performance: Updated for 2017

An updated visualization of Medicare ACO Performance compares risk, enrollment size, cost, and savings for 392 ACOs using a 2017 CMS data set.

Data Gallery

Prescription drug movements: 5 years of popularity of cost shifts

Follow the price and popularity of several drugs, from Xeljanz to insulin, as they become mainstays (or lose traction) in the healthcare marketplace.


The Final Year: Visualizing End of Life

Where do we spend our final moments? Data shows that 42% of patients pass away at home, but an almost equal proportion die in hospitals.


Weaving Hospital Variation, Explained

Using 2015 CMS data, Arcadia looks at the variations in hospital size, quality of care, cost, and efficiency across ACOs.


Cost and frequency of chronic disease: singular conditions, dyads, and triads

More than one chronic condition leads to much steeper healthcare costs, data shows, especially for common conditions like kidney disease and depression.