As part of Arcadia’s Value-Based Care Leadership Series, MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization (MHACO) shares their innovative approach of implementing educational tools and predictive analytics to measurably reduce ED utilization.

How do you reduce ED utilization?

MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization (MHACO) is a network of 10 hospitals, 378 practice locations, and 1,600+ healthcare providers dedicated to measurably increasing quality and decreasing the cost of care for 380,000+ patients in Maine and northern New Hampshire. Their coverage area has one of the largest Emergency Department (ED) utilization rates in the country, so they launched REDUCE (Reducing ED Utilization: A Collaborative Endeavor)

MHACO utilized patient education tools, predictive analytics, and new clinical workflows to provide patients the right care at the right time.

MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization explains:

  • Why it’s important to identify avoidable ED utilization as a strategic priority
  • How they used predictive analytics and an enterprise clinical data warehouse to prospectively identify at-risk patients who are likely to visit the ED
  • How they developed patient education tools and measured their effectiveness
  • How they integrated care management with primary care to address avoidable ED utilization drivers
Jennifer Moore, MBA - MaineHealth
Jennifer Moore, MBA
President, MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization
Ashley Soule, LMSW-CC, MPH
Ashley Soule, LMSW-CC, MPH
Senior Program Manager, ACO Performance, MaineHealth Accountable Care Organization

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